Week Three – Poster Exercise


Creating a poster was useful for learning how to place and manipulate type in Adobe Illustrator. I learned how to add fonts to the list using TTF files I downloaded online. Moving multiple pieces of type around was difficult because they tend to overlap. I was able to arrange the type more efficiently using multiple layers. I put elements that overlap on separate layers so that they could be hidden and locked.  One difficulty I faced was aligning elements with even spacing. For example the words “DESIGN – Painting – Drafting” were very difficult to space properly. I think it will be easier if the fonts are the same.   I couldn’t center the word “Painting” whilst maintaining the proper spacing between the dash and the word “Drafting”.  This is a skill I will find a solution to over the course of the semester.

Although the spacing and alignment isn’t perfect, I still think the poster is aesthetically pleasing. I tried to create a hierarchy of interest by making my personal traits big and bold. I then added sub points in less attention demanding fonts under the related heading. I also enjoy the fonts I found. The word “Artist” is using the font Blacksword. I don’t know what makes a font technically desirable. However, I found this font incredibly fun to look at and type with.


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