Circle Font Exercise.


For todays exercise we made letters using circle grids. First I made the uppercase version because the uppercase letters seem more straightforward. All of the uppercase letters were fairly simple except for the W. I tried to make the lines in the W more slanted but I couldn’t get it to fit properly. I ended up making vertical lines for a neater outcome. I then made the lowercase letters. The lowercase a gave me trouble because I couldn’t get the curve at the bottom right. After reviewing some other fonts and applying a new curve,  I was able to get a shape i’m fairly happy with. A lot of my troubles would have been fixed if I was able to place dots half way between points. For example, in the k the bottom line would look nicer if it was slightly more slanted and in between the two points. Another thing I had to experiment with was the spacing using the template. I was very tempted to simply slide the letters together. I think I was able to get fairly equal spacing except for between the W’s and A’s. The W used an uneven amount of spaces in the template while the other letters had an even amount of spaces. In the mixed upper and lowercase version I made the W capitalized in order to see how the letters would look in a normal sentence. I also added a period because I felt it looked more finished.


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