Visual Hierarchy


I started by arranging the elements in a way that I felt was easier to read and navigate. I put the “Dance Jazz & ballet” at the top so its the first thing somebody will see. I then put the company and description underneath. I tried to separate the elements into categories based on what information they are communicating. I wanted the groups of info to go from most important to least important.


With the second version I simply added weight to the words I felt needed more attention.


For the third iteration I  changed the size of the phrases to better fit the level of importance. Because of the space I gained from lowering the font size of tertiary information, I was able to add more space and flow to the elements. I was able to make the words at the top stand out much more and make the information that wasn’t needed to capture the viewers attention smaller.


For the fourth iteration I used tracking to make the title wider. I also made the line “Registration now through November 30,2016” have lower tracking, this made it so that I was able to make the font bigger while keeping it still on the page. Lastly I lowered the tracking of the address to give it a postage type of look. For a flyer or poster this is the least important information so I wanted to make it as small as possible without making it unreadable.


For my final version I removed the “&” symbol for the word “and”, I felt that this looked nicer and made it easier to read. I then removed the word “Phone:” because I felt it looked ugly and was redundant. Lastly I applied the final touches by realigning everything and fixing the spacing. I think I was successful in making the information easy to navigate through while still being visually appealing. I learned a few ways that weight and tracking can be helpful. I enjoyed experimenting with ways to create variation while using only one font.


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