Monologue Project

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 11.15.00 AM.png

Above is my final version of my Monologue project. I learned a lot through this project and I feel it has been the most useful thing I have done in this class so far. Before this project I still only had a vague understanding of what actually made “good” typography. Its very easy to take type for granted because we use it so often in such a generic way.

While working on this project I truly think I grew my skills in typography greatly. One thing that I was failing to understand earlier in this class was how to make a cohesive page, that was interesting visually, but was still grounded in my overall theme. I think it comes down to choices that are made in the creative process. For example, the page where it says “He didn’t learn a thing”. I had a very difficult time understanding how to make this cohesive. I had a sprawling big design on that page that was noisy and over the top. It took stepping back and stating “that doesn’t need to be there”. I decided a small, well kerned, simple line of text would serve a stronger purpose than a sprawling colorful design. I guess there really is something to the saying “less is more” in this case.

Overall that is just one of the many lessons I learned during this process, and I feel that my progress is reflected in this piece. Although it’s not perfect by any means, this is the first time I am proud of a piece of typography I made. I am starting to feel more comfortable in my ability to organize a cohesive piece of typography.


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