IIDCon Event.

Over the weekend me and a friend attended IIDcon. The event consisted of a lecture from 4 speakers followed by a question and answer segment. All of the lecturers came from different disciplines. Victor Yocco from psychology, Brian Crumly from front end UX design, Leisi Zahabi from academia, and John Halfpenny from marketing and social media. Each lecture was very informal and taught me a lot about things I have never even considered before. John Halfpenny had the most interesting information to me. I don’t think I ever thought that deeply into social media and how it can effect your like. I also found his perspective on privacy to be very insightful and unique, probably because of the clients he has had to deal with. I also never thought about googles algorithms before. Since the conference I have looked more into google and there is great information out there about gaining exposure through googles algorithms.  I also found Victors presentation incredibly useful. It makes me feel inclined to learn more about psychology. I will probably take consumer psychology next semester just due to how interesting some of the concepts he discussed were. Sometimes the things you don’t think about are crucial to a successful business, like building consumer trust. But, as designers it would be easy to forget about these details. Victor did a great job convincing me of the importance of psychology in design. I also really enjoyed the chance to hear some more personalized conversations durning the Q&A session. It was nice to get some outside perspective on design. Overall I’m very pleased with this experience and appreciate the opportunity to attend an event like this.


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