Kinetic Type Project

This is the final version of my motion type project. I found this project to be the most useful project we have done in this class. It was really clever to tie the monologue project to this one to enable us to focus on animation. I haven’t used after effects before but this gave me a strong understanding of how animation works and how it can be used to make typography stronger.

The biggest challenge during this project was understanding keyframes and creating a camera to allow for more fluid transitions. Rather than using multiple compositions, rendering them, and stitching them together, I was able to use a single composition and an active camera to achieve the same effect more seamlessly. I think for a longer animation it would be wise to use multiple compositions. As the elements started to pile up it became more confusing (and the computer ran slower).

If there was one thing I could change, I would animate the image with the letter z’s falling from the clouds. As I become more comfortable with the software this might because easier. However when I tried to implement this using my current setup, something in my movie would break every time. I think if I made a separate composition, created the animation, rendered it and inserted it into my current composition it might work. I would love to do that, but at this point it would be very cumbersome to jump into with the encroaching deadline.

I am actually very proud of my final version of this. I feel like I was able to jump into the new software and create a concrete example of motion type on my first go. Generally learning a new software takes a bit, but because of the previous lessons in this class I was able to move into after effects fairly seamlessly. I feel like this is a great example to demonstrate my growth artistically, technologically and creatively.



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