Paul Renner – Designer

Paul Renner is the designer I pulled out of the hat. He is a designer from Germany that set many standards for other German designers,  I appreciate that he is a designer, painter and typographer all in one. He was also a teacher and eventually principle at a trade school In Munich. In 1927 he designed the Futura typeface. Futura is a sanserif typeface that heavily relates to the Bauhaus designs that were popular around the time. Renner also wrote a book called Typographie als Kunst. His designs are very free flowing and chaotic while still retaining an obvious hierarchy. I like his bold color compositions that put emphasis on the insides of letters. Many of his designs remind me of stuff that designers are currently making for the web. He used his typeface to create many of his compositions by enlarging and arranging it.  He also used diagonal words  and lines to create a sense of motion in many of his designs. Futura is still a very popular font and it is interesting to see how a typeface can be designed almost 100 years ago and still remain relevant.